I have now introduced the Palm Caffe Cup to many 100s of people at trade shows and else-where.

Many of them have stories of using travel cups only to abandoning them because they did not perform and returned to using disposable cups –  “I could not clean it properly and it became rancid so I threw it away”, “too many parts”, “the lid is too difficult to open”, “I did not like drinking from a black hole”, “the flow was difficult to control and I burnt my mouth”, I had to over-rotate it to drink from and it hit the roof if my car”, “the coffee was tainted by the materials used”, “the size was too big”, “the shape was unstable and fell out of my car cup holder”, “the size was too bulky”, “dishwashing was not recommended”.

The difference with the Palm Caffe Cup is that it resolves all these issues and more – which means that it will be used and used. Innovative new technology was developed for the body and lid which makes it unique. Visitors to my stand quickly understood its features and enjoyed playing with it – always a good sign.

They liked the idea that the coffee can be seen and the aroma can be appreciated as it can escape. They liked its friendly shape, its size, its stability and its ease of use. Being able to clean the Caffe Cup 100% was seen as a deal-breaker for many.

The Caffe Cup has now been on the market for 6 months. Some consumer comments from around the world.

  • Using them everyday at work and they’re great! (Malaysia)
  • In terms of your product, I am really pleased with it. I have been looking for a reliable sealed cup for a long time and finally found the one. (Romania)
  • The cup has gone straight into action and I am very pleased. (Australia)
  • I use it on my daily commute, and leave the Caffe Cup on the train seat next to me – it gets many strange looks. (Sweden)
  • I actually am using your cup in my car.  Just the right size for my coffee. (USA)
  • They are pretty small compared to most travel mugs, but they’re a good size and keep the heat well. Also, did not burn my lip on my coffee (which I’ve done on every other travel mug ever) so I’m impressed. (Australia)
  • Tested by filling water and there was no leaks even a drop if the lid is properly closed. It is a perfect seal. I had my first cup of coffee just now. The size is perfect and exactly the same capacity like a coffee mug. The coffee is hot around 5x times longer than the normal cup in an air conditioned environment with its lid tilted to drink. The coffee will be hot at least 8x times longer than the normal cup if its lid is closed tightly. Of course the temperature will decrease gradually as time passes. But far-far better than a normal open cup. Easy to keep it inside the car’s cup holder with absolutely no spill. Wish you all a happy coffee time. And finally Mr. Robert, we thank you for this awesome and quality product. (Dubai)
  • I used your coffee cup and enjoyed it, more and more with each use. Unfortunately I left it on top of my car when I went back to the house to get my keys.(USA)
  • Not used them for coffee yet but did test them with water: all three seem water-tight & are blemish-free. Nice job. (UK)
  • It is wonderful!! (Germany)