The power of the Red Dot Awards. These certainly helped give the respective ranges and the company visibility and interest – many win one Red Dot award – it is rare to win 2 in a short time frame.

The power of Marc Newson. This also helped give the drinkware visibility. A number of design practitioners and design students visited to see his work.

I would urge all customers to use these elements on their promotional material and web-sites.

The quality of the 3 premium ranges received many favourable mentions. At a time when competitors are reducing the quality of materials and simplifying products to meet retail price-points, our approach was welcomed.

Sustainability was a big theme, particularly in Europe. Although I detected some confusion as to what it means in practice – there was a consensus that it relates to disposal issues, particularly of single use cups, and resource use issues. The Caffe cup is well positioned for this trend as the spread of coffee culture is creating billions of single-use cups each year. The Marc Newson and Sorona range are also well positioned because both will virtually last forever – they are guaranteed unbreakable and dishwasher safe – and can be 100% recycled. Melamine in contrast cannot be recycled so ends up in landfill, and can be broken and chipped. Polycarbonate will eventually breakdown in a dishwasher.

Overall, there was genuine excitement about my products from both shows. The feedback on our product range continues to be highly positive, I made many good contacts and the orders and commitments are flowing.

Our mission to create an international brand in very much alive. More bricks are being added to the wall.

I have booked for both shows next year.