“Firstly, I want to say how much I am impressed by the products your company produces. A little back-story: I first came across your products in Sydney when dating my now-husband almost twenty years ago. His family had these beautiful clear blue drinking cups that they had been using for years on almost a daily basis. They still looked as good as new. I remember one day when washing them my now-father-in-law asked me to switch the dish sponge around to not use the scourer side on them. They cleaned up beautifully, remained scratch free that way, also enduring many cycles in the dishwasher. 18 years later, my sister-in-law has inherited them – they are still in daily use and look as good as new.

So, when I was looking for a new set of plastic bowls that were not melamine, not breakable, but looked nice, suitable for my family, Australians who live in Beijing, China, I was amazed and excited to come across Palm Products! I was excited to see the familiar palm tree logo, and even more excited to discover you are a Australian company – I hadn’t realised that! – and that I could purchase that same brand as the family cups right here in China. I bought a set of the four Palm Sorona bowls with great confidence.”

B. Y. Beijing China

This was Robert Wilson’s first design. It is still being sold as part of our children’s range.