To commemorate the opening of their museum, a Special Exhibition for Art and Design, “Dialogue with Materials” was staged from November 16, 2017 to January 8, 2018. It is an honour that the Marc Newson Highball, Wine and Flute were selected. They were exhibited as a “created design product” together with other creative and artistic.. read more →

“Founded in Chicago in 1950, GOOD DESIGN™ remains the oldest, prestigious, and most recognized program for design excellence worldwide. The GOOD DESIGN™ Logo is the world’s most recognized public certification for consumer design excellence and is used by the world’s foremost corporations, manufacturers, and designers to identify their product’s design merit. For eight decades since.. read more →

A worker at Toyota’s Altona factory, which makes its last car on Tuesday. Chip Le Grand The Australian Newspaper- 12:00AM September 30, 2017 Next Tuesday the last Camry will roll off Toyota’s assembly line in Altona, in Melbourne’s west. On October 20 the final Commodore will be built at Holden’s Elizabeth plant north of Adelaide… read more →

http:// The ABC in Australia took a light-hearted look at a serious problem – the 1 billion disposable coffee cups that go to landfill in Australia. The answer is the Palm Caffe Cup – each could save a the tram full of disposable coffee cups. Key Points: Up to 1 billion disposable coffee cups per year in Melbourne go.. read more →

I have now introduced the Palm Caffe Cup to many 100s of people at trade shows and else-where. Many of them have stories of using travel cups only to abandoning them because they did not perform and returned to using disposable cups –  “I could not clean it properly and it became rancid so I threw it away”, “too many parts”,.. read more →