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Palm Products is committed to using industry best practice and to introducing more sustainable and safer materials and production processes as they become available. Food-Safety. There are legitimate questions on the safety of many plastics and of melamine. Palm Products has taken the following actions: BPA-containing polycarbonate has been phased out. Material sourcing is preferred from.. read more →

The company took the decision early in 2014 to phase out the sale of BPA-containing polycarbonate. The key reasons behind this decision are as follows: The USFDA and the European Commission have placed it on their watch list and proscribe a minimum safe daily intake. France has banned its use for food contact from 1st January 2015. California.. read more →

      “An intricate intersection of high-end materials, technology, advanced manufacturing and beautiful design – all executed immaculately. The end product is an elegant, functional and highly desirable range that is underpinned by good design and solid environmental credentials.” The Judges commented The reaction to the worldwide launch of this revolutionary range has been immediate and positive… read more →

by: John Arlidge From: The Australian May 16, 2015 Everyone knows Jonathan Ive, the man behind the clean lines of the iMac, iPod, iPhone and iPad. He’s the Brit feted as design’s answer to Steve Jobs, the solitary genius who changed the world from his secret Silicon Valley studio. It’s a good story — except,.. read more →