Marc Newson Tritan Flute




The finest unbreakable replacement for glass.


Robert Wilson’s vision was to create in collaboration with Marc Newson ”the most glass-like, the most beautiful, the most user friendly and the highest quality unbreakable drinkware range available in the world.

Marc Newson brings his award winning minimalist aesthetic to the creation of this unique range. “I simplify products to their essence; Designing them in a way that has not been done before to create a range that is unique in the world”.

The result is a beautiful and unique range of unbreakable drinkware – a true synergy of form and function.


  • Winner of a Red Dot design award
  • Marc Newson’s sculptured shapes are dramatic and unique. They exhibit his signature flowing lines and fine sense of proportion.
  • They are a pleasure to hold. The curved shapes sit naturally in the hand and they feel balanced with their glass-like weighed base.
  • The range is a family.
  • The coloured bases add a further sense of drama and individuality

They are a work of art that will bring pleasure to discerning users.

Beautiful Functionality

  • Guaranteed Unbreakable and dishwasher safe for 10 year in private use and 1 year in commercial use.
  • The range is made from BPA-free made by Eastman in the USA. Tritan is superior to polycarbonate in dishwasher stability – surfaces will remain clear whereas PC will be attacked and go grey and eventually breakdown and crack – in unbreakability because of PC’s dishwasher instability, in glass-like transparency, and in stain and scratch resistance.
  • Non-slip base aids stability and acts as a coaster, protecting surfaces
  • Stable, shorter shapes with well-weighted wide bases add to stability.
  • Tumblers stack securely onto ledge saving space and preventing damage.

Beautiful Sustainability

  • Long life
  • Tritan has low embedded energy
  • Manufacturing is low energy


Additional information

Weight 2 kg