Towards Net Zero - Environment Update

Recycling is IN

Recycling is becoming more widespread as the technology of cleaning, resorting and reusing improves and as household waste is sorted better. At home, we now have 3 bins - one for organic waste which is turned into fertilizer - one for recyclable waste which can be resorted and reused - and the third for non-recyclable waste which ends up as landfill.

All our products can be recycled if required.

Long-life is IN, Single-use is OUT

Most of our products are guaranteed unbreakable forever - so they will last forever

Melamine and Bamboo-Melamine is OUT

They cannot be remelted so they cannot be recycled.

They can contaminate recyclable waste if mixed in with it.

They can have a short life as they can break or chip

Biodegradable Plastic is OUT

Biodegradable plastic has an additive that helps normal plastic breakdown into small pieces - creating an even bigger problem.

Marc Newson for the 36th America’s Cup - The Prada Cup & Logo

The Palm Outdoor difference

Our vision is to create a globally relevant business in outdoor drink and tableware by being the best at what we do.

A measure of our success is that we now export to over 30 countries and have a rapidly expanding on-line presence. We are also clear market leader in Australia in outdoor drink and tableware.

To be the best our quality must be the best and our costs must be competitive.

We do this by making all our products in our own state-of-the art facility using automation and the Toyota Lean-production method. – we only market products that we make. 

To be the best our products must be fit-for consumers' intended purpose and be beautiful so they appeal to the heart and well as to the head. They must be as sustainable as possible.

Our focus is on our products and not the marketing. "Build a better mouse-trap and the world will beat a path to your door" (Ralph Waldo Emerson).

We are focused on introducing products that are actually going be used and give delight on an everyday basis.

To be the best we must innovate daily in everything we do and be a leader - not a follower.

We try to be an intelligent company, to think about the environment we live in and our impact on it. We try hard to make intelligent choices that will stand the test of time.

To be the best our level of service must exceed expectations.

Lessons from the Covid-19

The Australian way is to come together during times of natural and economic crisis and to support each-other. We have witnessed a sharp increase in buy Australian sentiment and in sales. The same trend is evident in our export markets. A retail buyer commented "I am so glad we were able to support an Australian Made business".

The actions of China in spreading the virus and pressuring countries -particularly Australia - to conform to their views is rightly leading to a move away from Made-in-China.

Diversification of supply is now more important as supply chains have been disrupted worldwide and have left many retailers with empty shelves.

Our products are:


We aim to make our products beautiful to look at and to feel - to appeal to the heart.

Our success can be measured by the winning of the prestigious Red Dot Award from Essen in Germany for our Marc Newson Drinkware and our Palm Non-slip Plates and Bowls and a Good Design Award from Chicago in the USA for our Caffe Cup.


We aim to make our products fit for their intended purpose - to appeal to the head.

- Many have our signature Non-slip Base

- Our Tumblers stack securely

- All have exceptional stability

Better for the environment

Our approach to minimizing our impact on the environment is by extending our products' life,

- All our products are reusable 

- All are 100% recyclable

- Most are covered by our Forever Unbreakable Guarantee. They will outlast ceramic and melamine 

- All are BPA-free and Melamine-free

We aim to be at the forefront of sustainable developments and will introduce advances as they become available.

"Green-wash" solutions such a Bamboo and so-called compostable materials are avoided.

Australian Made, Australian Owned

All our products are made in our facility in Melbourne, Australia, which is certified to quality standard ISO 9001 and environment standard ISO 14001. You can trust that there is no substitution of inferior materials.

Product led not Marketing led

The era when consumer markets are dominated by large top-heavy marketing and retail companies is changing rapidly. Their aim has been to buy cheap and sell expensively. This has led to reductions in functionality, quality and product life - feeding the throw-away society and landfill  Consumers are increasingly looking for better quality and for longer-life products that fit their lifestyle. 

Our structures are lean and our production automated. We can deliver a better product for the same price.

We continue to work hard to win the support of our customers the old fashioned way - through our products and service.

Forever Guaranteed Unbreakable - Forever Reuseable


The Palm Outdoor story


Award Winning


Marc Newson


Guarantee and Care

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