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Palm Non-slip Forever Unbreakable Plate and Bowl Collection

The Palm Non-slip Plate and Bowl Collection is the first genuine new product in this category for many years. It is made in Australia from BASF Ultradur which is superior to melamine in all important areas including being more sustainable.

The range comes with our Forever Unbreakable Guarantee - in normal use.

Beautiful Design

  • Red Dot Award and Good Design Award winner.
  • Coloured non-slip base
  • The curved shapes are beautiful to look at and to hold,
  • The rims are fine and elegant


  • High-gloss and high-density for a bone-china look and feel. (Melamine is dull by comparison)
  • Forever Unbreakable Guarantee (Melamine can chip and break)
  • Non-slip base acts like a coaster, increasing  stability, particularly on uneven surfaces, and reducing rattling during transport.
  • The base is bonded so cannot come off or collect debris.
  • Microwave safe for re-heating (melamine is not microwave safe)
  • The raised edges of the plates restrains food
  • Forever dishwasher safe in private use


  • Reusable Forever
  • Recyclable
  • Long-life 
  • Made in Australia

The Collection can also be economically printed using our automotive standard in-house printing facility. Contact Us to enquire about custom printing.