Heather Murphy (Administration Manager) uses glow-in-the-dark drinkware

My husband, son and I spent 3 months camping through the Kimberley in Western Australia.  This photo is actually taken in Trephina Gorge in the East MacDonald Ranges east of Alice Springs.  We had Palm’s glow-in-the-dark range of drinkware with us and used them constantly.  I love they way the glow reflects up the glass, so that when you have set your glass down under your chair, so it won’t be knocked over, it’s always easy to find, as the rim of the glass glows when you look into your glass from the top, as well as the base glowing.  Even though the cups spent all day within the camper trailer while we travelled, when I bought the cups out in the evening for drinks they were glowing already.  I had taken wine glasses with us, but as we are not really wine drinkers we gave them away to friends that we made along the way, and they were very warmly received.  I was even recognized from one camp ground to another because I was the lady with the glowing glass.