War on Waste – Save a tram-full of disposable coffee cups



The ABC in Australia took a light-hearted look at a serious problem – the 1 billion disposable coffee cups that go to landfill in Australia.

The answer is the Palm Caffe Cup – each could save a the tram full of disposable coffee cups.

Key Points:

  • Up to 1 billion disposable coffee cups per year in Melbourne go to landfill.
  • They cannot be recycled as they are made from a paper coated with plastic
  • Consumes are generally unaware they cannot be re-cycled
  • So called compost-able cups are difficult to compost and need a dedicated separation system
  • Cafes have little incentive to make their customers aware because up to 40% of their revenue comes from take-away coffee.
  • Converting consumers is only part of the battle – there is a need to get cafe’s on-board also.
  • Some cafes are offering a discount if you bring your own cup