Palm Club Tritan Forever Collection

Introducing the Palm Club Collection

This breakthrough range sets new standards in design, clarity, function, long life, cost and sustainability. Designed with the Food and Beverage Service industry in mind, it is also offers a long-lasting and highly functional option for home drinkware.

The Club collection is offered in Tritan and Styrene.

Tritan® is an unbreakable, BPA-free material that is engineered for long-life. The Club Tritan® range carries the Palm Outdoor ‘Forever Unbreakable Guarantee’ for normal use in the home.

When compared with alternative materials such as polycarbonate, Tritan® is safer (PC contains BPA) and will stay clearer for much longer as its surface is much more resistant to dishwasher chemicals and scratches.

                                   1 Tritan glass will outlast at least 5 polycarbonate glasses

Styrene, while still extraordinarily functional, provides a more economical alternative. Styrene is also BPA-free, and will outlast polycarbonate in a dishwasher and remain clearer for longer. For many applications, particularly events, Styrene is an excellent choice for drinkware.

Both the Club Tritan® and Club Styrene ranges are 100% recyclable and have a lower embedded energy than polycarbonate.

The Club range can also be economically printed using our automotive standard in-house printing facility. Contact Us to enquire about custom printing.