Palm Caffe Cup

Drink Different.

What makes the Palm Caffe Cup the Choice of Coffee Lovers?

Its aim was to replicate the coffee experience in your favourite Café by appealing to your senses of Design, Sight, Aroma and Taste– hence the name Caffé Cup.

The Right Size - Similar in size to a coffee cup in a café.

Beautiful, Tactile Design - Winner of a Good Design Award from Chicago

Sip hot from a rim just like a coffee Cup. - Your lips prevent over-hot coffee from entering your mouth.

Savour the Aroma, experience the Crème. - The ingenious, patented butterfly lid allows the aroma and crema to escape, not be trapped behind a spout or a hole.

Taste with coffee without taint - Only taint-free materials are use, no stainless steel or polypropylene taint.

Judge the level, see the crema through the windows.

Easy to clean.  - The ingenious design has only 3 parts. Clicks apart for easy and complete cleaning – no springs or seals. Best to clean in your dishwasher

Stable, compact shape with Palm’s signature Non-slip base. - Reduce spillages.

Coffee Stays hot - Patented Triple-wall construction keeps the coffee hot.

Microwave safe for reheating

Engineered to last forever. - Long life materials are break-resistant and are dishwasher safe forever. Integral seals virtually last forever.

Recyclable, return to Palm for Remanufacture  - Saving resources to remake and eliminating waste.

Care - Dishwashing is recommended to keep surfaces like new. Dried-on coffee can be removed with organic cleaners - such as citric based cleaners. Do not scour.

Capacity - 300ml   Dimensions - 76mm diameter, 106mm high

Printing - The Caffe Cup can be economically printed using our automotive standard in-house printing facility. Contact Us to inquire about custom printing.