Club Styrene Beer 425ml pack of 6
Club Styrene Beer 425ml pack of 6
Club Styrene Beer 425ml pack of 6
Club Styrene Beer 425ml pack of 6

Club Styrene Beer 425ml pack of 6

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The breakthrough Club Range sets new standards in design, clarity, function, reusability, cost and sustainability. Designed with the Food and Beverage Service industry in mind, it is also offers a long-lasting and highly functional option for home drinkware.

The Club Styrene range is an economical option. Styrene is BPA-free, and will outlast alternative materials such as polycarbonate in a dishwasher and remain clearer for longer. For many applications, particularly events, Styrene is an ideal choice. 

Logo Printing is available using our high-quality in-house printing. Colours can be added to the glasses to create special effects. In-house production and printing keeps costs down and lead-times short. Email for a quotation.


  • Material: Styrene
  • Capacity: 425mL
  • Height: 80mm
  • Diameter: 145mm

Features Like all Palm Outdoor products, the Club Styrene Beer 425ml are Beautiful, Functional and Sustainable.


  • Classic conical beer glass shape
  • Outstanding class-like clarity and weight


  • Engineered to remain bright and sparking though many dishwashing cycles, long after alternate materials such as polycarbonate will have gone grey and dull.
  • More scratch resistant than polycarbonate
  • Designed for excellent stability, with weighty, wide bases.
  • The Club beer glasses contain a nucleated feature in the base, and are weights and measures certified.
  • Substantial drinking rims give exceptional glass-like mouth feel


  • Engineered for a long life to save replacement resources and land-fill.
  • All pieces in the Club Range are 100% recyclable, with a lower embedded energy than polycarbonate